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Two Companies...One Purpose

We are proud to sponsor two dance companies that are dedicated to superior technical proficiency and positive impact on Dance Arts. Both companies offer members opportunities to participate in community and corporate events to display the beauty, versatility and quality of classical technique and stories. Members are chosen by invitation only after participating in seminars, intensives, private lessons or productions.


Founded in June 2016, Ballet LeCroix is a classical ballet company that focuses on providing conservative dancers with opportunities to glorify Jehovah through physical movement and emotional expression. Members are born-again Christians from all denominations who recognize Jesus Christ has the Messiah and only Savior of Mankind from our fallen nature. 

The company primarily performs at churches and Christian events where organizers are seeking family-friend arts presentations. The company also performs at secular festivals and events as part of their outreach efforts to spread the Gospel.


Born of a desire to bring back old-fashioned manners, values and ethics and dedicated to increasing the written literacy standards of the digital generations, StoryBook Dancers premiered at Methodist Hospital in 2018 where it provided encouragement to hospitalized children through artistic dance renditions of classics and modern tales.

Members are committed readers who seek to bring the pages of books alive to adults and children alike. Performances are usually at libraries, schools, hospitals, private parties and community events.


Bring a new perspective or add a twist of fun to your next event by booking one of our companies to perform.

Prices for bookings range from $25 per hour to $250 per hour, depending on location and type of performance. Send an email with information about your event, including date, time, and a short description of the audience, theme and goal of your event. Or, if your dates are flexible, call us for availability.