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The primary focus of our organization is to provide professional-quality productions for dancers of all ages and in all styles so they can build their resume for a dance career or to support their college-level studies. These productions are full-scale performances based on classical literature, poetry and compositions. To view upcoming auditions for productions, go to OUR EVENTS.


For dancers who desire more intensive work or additional hours than can be found in a studio setting, we offer private lessons with individuals and small groups.  Lessons are planned around the individual dancer's goals for advancement and include not only technique but also history and culture. To discuss lessons, send us an email describing your goals or call us to set up a meeting.


Dancers who are seeking to stand out by returning to classical technique, conservative costumes, and celebratory storylines can work with our award-winning staff to produce works of art that are blessed with excellence, offering alternatives to today's tricks and tribulations that define today's competitions and performances. To discuss your needs, contact us by email or telephone.


To support our productions, we offer seminars and intensives several times a year. These classes are taught by our staff and guest artists. Classes vary in length, times and pricing. To see our current offerings, go to OUR EVENTS.